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Forever Pets is owned and operated by the owners of Midway Veterinary Hospital of Somerset, Kentucky

3236 South Highway 27

Somerset, Kentucky 42501

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Tel: (606) 875-1359

Email: info@foreverpetscremation.com


Forever Pets Animal Cremation Service At Midway Veterinary Hospital Of Somerset, Kentucky Pawprints left on your Heart

All prices subject to change.

 Body weight will be calculated by Forever pets staff at time of cremation.

About Forever Pets

With today’s changing world, the founders of  Forever Pets recognized a need for an alternative manner of  taking care of our pets after they have passed away.


Frequent moves are more common, and burying your pet in the backyard not only can be heartbreaking if you leave, but also is against city ordinances in many communities. Other disposal choices can be just as emotionally stressful.

Forever pets is proud to offer a more sensitive and compassionate alternative.

Private Cremation

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Animal Weight      






*(+ $1 per pound body weight over 80)



$1 per pound body


Minimum fee of $45.


Clay Pawprint

Personalized Memento Box



Personal Private Cremation and budget friendly Communal Cremation Forever Pets Offers Cremation Services To Meet All Budgets

With Private Cremation, your pet is cremated and processed entirely by itself. With this service, your pet’s remains are available to be returned to you. Included in the cost of Private Cremation, you will receive them in a small box labeled with your pets name

A more budget friendly option, or if you do not desire to have your pet’s remains returned, we also offer Communal Cremation. In this form, your pet is cremated alongside others. Their remains are taken to the farm of one of the owners of Forever Pets where they are spread across the fields.

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